About NTBA

Established in 1999 and incorporated under the laws of the State of Kansas, the NTBA believes in a forward-looking, responsible approach to business and public policy issues that unleash entrepreneurial spirit and make business more competitive in this new economy.

Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at the Great Overland Station from Noon to 1:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. (NTBA does not meet in January or July.)


Advocating the improvement of the economic environment and the quality of life for those who live and work in North Topeka.


Legislative Agenda
The NTBA will work with legislative leaders, business groups and professional associations.

The NTBA will serve as a liaison between government leaders and the small business community. NTBA Board Members will be available to speak on important legislative issues, to attend events with key policy leaders, and be contacts for the media. The Alliance will host meeting with elected leaders and candidates in order to educate its members and the public. Such forums provide an excellent opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their support of North Topeka and to receive useful feedback. The Alliance will offer to provide technical assistance during policy formation, and its business members and staff will be available to sit on boards and commissions in order to provide their North Topeka perspective.

Coalition Building
Though most of its members are small businesses, the Alliance will also recruit individuals, academics, local and state associations and larger businesses that share the organization’s philosophy. During important debates, the NTBA will be able to bring to the table its wide and diverse membership, and build coalitions with a variety of other organizations and interests in order to facilitate broad-based support.

Board of Directors

Dennis Reedy, President
Kelli Lambrecht, Vice President
Kim Hernandez, Treasurer
Frank Henderson, Secretary

Board Members
Yvonne Etzel
Alisha Hopkins
Chad Logan
Fred Patton
Gary Piland
Lisa Propps
Tom Underwood

Shawn Herrick, Executive Secretary

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